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Micro-mesotherapy dermaroller 0,5 mm

Product Information

With the Micro-Mesotherapy or the Dermaroller we let the active substances from the Bergman products do their best work. It increases the penetration of products. With the micro-mesotherapy we treat acne scars, scars from burns, stretch marks, enlarged pores, sagging skin, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation effectively at home.


The skin protects the body against the intrusion of negative influences, but it also partially prevents the infiltration of active substances in the skin. High quality surgical steel needles, pierce the skin to 250 times per cm ², with no pain. Because of biostimulation, the production of collagen increase. By perforation of the skin, the results of the active substances of the Bergman products will be more effectively and noticeably faster. Within 10 minutes the skin repairs itself without side effects.


Clean your skin with the Clean Comfort or Sparkling Clean, possibly even with the extra profit of Reborn Scrub or Microdermabrasion Cream. Bring on a non perfume-anti-aging serum, suitable for the face is the S-lift Serum, around the eyes the Bright Eyes Serum, with the scars Scar Retreat Serum. Roll 5 times gently in vertical, horizontal and two diagonal directions. Do not use excessive pressure, thereby Dermaroller can not penetrate deeper into the epidermis. The skin becomes red and may tingle, this is normal, use the Dermaroller at least 1 and at the most 2 or 3 times during a week. Massage the serum equal in the skin, the skin is only limited additional access to the active ingredients. Bring on the mask or the care cream. The skin around the eyes and lips are sensitive, so roll gently. The Dermaroller can be used on any body part, but not on infected skin, active acne or cold sores. Use the BPS sun block after treatment. After using the Dermaroller rinse under warm water and clean it by putting it 10 minutes in 70% alcohol. Each Dermaroller is for personal use. Treat the Dermaroller carefully, by damage of the needles you need to replace the roller. By careful and hygienic use, the Dermaroller can be functional for 1 year. Keep away from children.

0,5 mm for the thick skin, scars and acne scars.

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